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Pet Lodge USA - Friendly Cat & DogPet Lodge USA offers franchises for boarding and daycare of dogs, cats, birds, turtles, ferrets, bunnies, and other domestic pets. As a franchisee, you decide whether you want to lodge only dogs, cats, or other pets. You may want a full-service facility where all are lodged or something in-between, such as a doggie daycare, or a cat-only lodge.

After opening its first location in 2002, the Pet Lodge USA Franchise was born in 2005. Pet Lodge USA was formed to franchise because many people commented when the original location opened about how they would like one in their own community, and indeed in other parts of the country, so that their family and friends could bring their pets. Now pet lovers can have their own business and be a pillar in their respective communities by having a Pet Lodge USA franchise!

At Pet Lodge USA, dogs can watch and/or listen to their own cable (or dish) television (may have DVD option) in their private, individual villas where they cannot see other dogs. They are also exercised several times daily and are given plenty of attention. They may interact with other dogs in play groups at various times throughout the day if the pet parent permits it and the franchisee offers it. This is all-inclusive!

Cats are lodged in multiple-chambered condos with a clear front for viewing. Nature sounds can be heard. An enclosed "catio" allows for outdoor-like fun for each feline guest, and this also is all-inclusive!

There is no additional charge for playtime, insurance, TV, treats, bedding, and administering medications!

Click on What Makes Us Different to learn more about Pet Lodge USA. This section will also aid you in knowing what to look for when you tour any boarding facility. It should meet your high standards. You may be surprised with what you find out there. Don't settle for less. Your pet is too precious to be subjected to that.

If you are interested in learning more about having a Pet Lodge USA franchise in your community, follow the easy 1-2-3 steps above by clicking and reading Step One: Franchise Info, Step Two: Franchise Questions, and then Step Three: Contact. Thank you for reading and for considering Pet Lodge USA!

About Us

Pet Lodge USA was founded in 2002. After hearing from many people that they would like one just like it in other communities, Pet Lodge USA began to offer franchises....

Pet Lodge USA offers a clear alternative to a traditional kennel and other pet boarding franchises. Pet Lodge USA is designed so that it can be located in business districts close in proximity to residential areas, making it more readily accessible to pet parents for doggie and cat daycare as well as overnight and extended lodging of all pets.


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